[36946] trunk/dports/x11/AfterStep/Portfile

Joshua Root jmr at macports.org
Tue May 20 12:34:33 PDT 2008

Rainer Müller wrote:
> Joshua Root wrote:
>>> +depends_lib    port:XFree86 port:jpeg port:libpng port:freetype \
>>> +        port:tiff port:libungif port:gtk2 port:librsvg
>> Shouldn't the XFree86 dependency stay as lib: rather than port: so 
>> that it will be satisfied by Apple's X11?
> The XFree86 port checks for X11 and X11SDK by Apple and errors out if 
> only one of them is present. So it does a bit more than just a lib: 
> dependency.

It also errors out if both Apple X11 and X11SDK are present. (And the 
usage of ${prefix} in those checks in the XFree86 portfile seems to be 
wrong, BTW. Not to mention quartz-wm is in /usr/bin these days, not 
${x11prefix}/bin.) So it's impossible to install AfterStep with X11 

% sudo port -v install AfterStep
--->  Fetching XFree86
Error: Target org.macports.fetch returned:

                     You have an Apple X11SDK installation already.
                         MacPorts will not overwrite it.

                     If you wish to use Apple X11,
                         install it from your Mac OS X install disc.

                     If you really want to use XFree86 instead,
                         please move it aside first :

                             sudo mv /usr/X11R6 /usr/X11R6.apple

Warning: the following items did not execute (for XFree86): 
org.macports.activate org.macports.fetch org.macports.extract 
org.macports.checksum org.macports.patch org.macports.configure 
org.macports.build org.macports.destroot org.macports.install
Error: The following dependencies failed to build: XFree86
Error: Status 1 encountered during processing.

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