[36946] trunk/dports/x11/AfterStep/Portfile

Rainer Müller raimue at macports.org
Tue May 20 12:50:27 PDT 2008

Joshua Root wrote:
> It also errors out if both Apple X11 and X11SDK are present. (And the 
> usage of ${prefix} in those checks in the XFree86 portfile seems to be 
> wrong, BTW. Not to mention quartz-wm is in /usr/bin these days, not 
> ${x11prefix}/bin.) So it's impossible to install AfterStep with X11 
> installed:

Don't miss the line:
prefix                  ${x11prefix}

Hm, if the location of quartz-wm changed between Tiger and Leopard, we 
should add checks for this to this port if we want to sustain it's 

I thought I have seen port:XFree86 also at other places, but seems like 
they are all gone now?


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