[MacPorts] #15395: Use primary port category for fetched distfile layout

Daniel J. Luke dluke at geeklair.net
Thu May 22 07:28:37 PDT 2008

On May 22, 2008, at 1:56 AM, William Siegrist wrote:
> Could I get a review of this patch from someone with some base  
> experience to make sure this wont break anything. I believe it'll be  
> seamless for end users and is the simplest change to make the mirror  
> layout the way I want it to.

Why would people be browsing the mirrored files? Wouldn't the  
interaction with the site mostly just be 'port' downloading a mirrored  

Also, without some sort of migration for currently saved distfiles, we  
end up orphaning all of the currently saved distfiles on a machine  
(I've got one machine with about 1GB of old distfiles). At the very  
least, we need to make port clean --dist be able to remove distfiles  
from both the old and new locations.

> On May 21, 2008, at 10:46 PM, MacPorts wrote:
>> #15395: Use primary port category for fetched distfile layout
>> ------------------------------------ 
>> +---------------------------------------
>> Reporter:  wsiegrist at apple.com     |       Owner:   
>> wsiegrist at apple.com
>>    Type:  enhancement             |      Status:  new
>> Priority:  Normal                  |   Milestone:
>> Component:  base                    |     Version:
>> Keywords:  fetch mirror distfiles  |
>> ------------------------------------ 
>> +---------------------------------------
>> The distfile directory ($prefix/var/macports/distfiles/) currently  
>> uses 1
>> level of directory based on port name. This means mirroring also  
>> uses the
>> single directory level.
>> I propose to use the primary category to layout mirrors and  
>> distfiles with
>> an additional directory. The main reason for this is the layout on
>> distfiles.macports.org.  We need the 2 layers of directories to make
>> browsing more managable.
>> The change will be mostly invisible to users as far as their local
>> installations are concerned.  This will make distfiles match the  
>> layout of
>> Portfiles in the svn and rsync repositories.
>> The simplest fix, and the one I provide a patch for here, is to  
>> read the
>> categories value and set distpath accordingly during fetch_init. This
>> affects all fetching and mirroring. The only impact I see to end  
>> users is
>> if they pre-fetch something, upgrade to the patched code, then try to
>> install. The distfile would be in the wrong place and re-fetched.  
>> This
>> case seems rare and a minor inconvenience at that.

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