[36950] trunk/dports/x11/XFree86/Portfile

Anders F Björklund afb at macports.org
Fri May 23 02:50:37 PDT 2008

Ryan Schmidt wrote:

>>> Note that ${x11prefix} requires trunk / MacPorts 1.7...
>> Really? I could have sworn it was configurable in 1.6.0 via
>> macports.conf. The XFree86 portfile was already using it, anyway.
> We already have 103 occurrences of "x11prefix" in 67 ports. If it  
> didn't work with 1.6.0 I'd expect to have seen complaints by now,  
> but I don't recall any...

I might be mistaken, I haven't tried with another X11 suffix.
(as using /usr/X11R6 works fine with both Tiger and Leopard)

But anyway trunk will detect the X11 prefix automatically now.
(it is /usr/X11 for Leopard, and /usr/local for FreeBSD 7.0)


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