Identifying portname in a bug?

Jay Levitt lists-macports at
Fri Sep 12 06:36:48 PDT 2008

Is there any way to search for bugs in a specific port?  I think the current 
answer is "no", unless the portname happens to be a usefully unique word. 
I'm running into a bug building "file", and I have no idea how to search for 
other such bugs.

Is it easy to add custom fields to Trac?  Is this something that could be 
done if only a volunteer (say, me) were to re-triage a bunch of bugs, or to 
research how to add fields in the first place?

I feel like, in general, the MacPorts site could use more information about 
"the such-and-such" port.  Right now, there's really no such concept, other 
than the listing of Portfiles.  Would others want such a thing, and if so, 
what's a good place to start working?

Jay Levitt

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