Identifying portname in a bug?

Rainer Müller raimue at
Fri Sep 12 06:42:54 PDT 2008

Jay Levitt wrote:
> Is there any way to search for bugs in a specific port?  I think the current 
> answer is "no", unless the portname happens to be a usefully unique word. 
> I'm running into a bug building "file", and I have no idea how to search for 
> other such bugs.
> Is it easy to add custom fields to Trac?  Is this something that could be 
> done if only a volunteer (say, me) were to re-triage a bunch of bugs, or to 
> research how to add fields in the first place?

The field was already added recently. But it is not used in older bugs.
So it would help if only anyone editing a bug would populate this field
as well.


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