Can't access configure.env in portfile

Rainer Müller raimue at
Fri Dec 11 13:33:09 PST 2009

Sorry for the late reply, I did not have quite the time over the last
weeks to follow posts to the list.

On 2009-11-29 15:33 , Ryan Schmidt wrote:
> See, both before and after the configure phase, configure.env only
> contains the "FOO=bar" variable I added. But what I actually want to
> know about are the CFLAGS, CPPFLAGS, CXXFLAGS, etc. that MacPorts
> sets automatically. Yes, I know we have separate variables
> ${configure.cflags}, ${configure.cppflags}, ${configure.cxxflags},
> etc. for most (all?) of those, but I'd rather not have to enumerate
> over them myself since to my mind MacPorts should have already done
> so for me somewhere.

configure.env are only additional variables which will be merged into
the environment for the configure phase. If you want to get better
results for debugging use:
  configure.cmd /usr/bin/env


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