Looking for a solution to compile MacPorts and maintain my packages

Jean-Michel Pouré jm at poure.com
Wed Jul 1 03:25:22 PDT 2009

Dear friends,

I am looking for a solution to share a Mac OS X computer between
Kdenlive developers (VNC) and also to maintain my MacPorts packages

After running into the wall looking for an emulator or trying
FreeDarwin, I see two solutions:

1) Buy a cheap Mac mini for 600€
2) Invest in a cheap G4, with Mac OS 10.4 for 100€

So my question is: do you think MacPorts can be installed and upgraded
on any old computer like the G4 (PPC) and MacOS 10.4? Are some packages
in MacPorts dependent on Mac OS 10.5? Do you plan to continue on PPC or
will you abandon PPC one day?

Kind regards,

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