GSoC: Mid-term evaluations this week

Dmitry Gorbik enl at
Mon Jul 13 15:05:26 PDT 2009

Hello all!

Almost all planned ideas connected with logging are implemented. I am  
going to
implement  some minor feautures next (versioning of logging format,  
and last 2 week spend on writing documentation, testing, entegrating  
in the main
  project. Also the output for user may be changed.

What do we have now:
- Separate storage of logs for each port
- Autocleaning logs if keeplogs option in macports.conf is set or by  
command port clean --logs <port>
- port log command: port log <port> shows log file for port. Also  
there are some
filtering options: --stage <stage> and --prefix <prefix>.
Stages are basically "clean", "fetch", "patch" etc, and prefix can be  
only "debug",
"msg" and "info".
Likely I am going to expand prefixes to change verbosity.

Logging by stages is done automaticaly, but you can specify stage  
by using ui_${stage}_${prefix} command.

And please get a look at it, you can checkout "gsoc09-logging" branch  
and test it.

Huge thanks to Bryan, Raim and other macports devs who helped my to  
deal with
some problems during the work.

06.07.2009, в 3:17, Rainer Müller wrote:

> Hi Dmitry and Juan,
> you have been working now for about 5 weeks on MacPorts code. Now the
> mid-term evaluation of your work will happen from 6th to 13th July.
> All your new code is only visible to those who have been following the
> branches in Subversion. It would be nice if you could give a quick
> overview over your project.
> What you have done so far?
> What is already working and how can it be tested?
> What problems did you encounter?
> How much time you are behind or ahead in your own roadmap?
> What do you plan to do next?
> I would like to see that on macports-dev to bring your topics to a
> broader audience and get you more involved on the mailing list. Your
> reply does not have to be too formal. And of course others should feel
> free to ask further questions if interested.
> Looking forward to your answers,
> Rainer

Gorbik Dmitry . Enlightened . enl at

Gorbik Dmitry . Enlightened . enl at

Gorbik Dmitry . Enlightened . enl at

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