On the heels of the memtester port

Scott Haneda talklists at newgeo.com
Wed Jul 15 11:38:44 PDT 2009

Hello, I have been reading today about Makefiles, not getting too far.

The Makefile for memtester did not accept the --prefix argument.  I  
also had this issue with the rbldnsd port as well.

Can someone summarize why some sources are so simple to make a  
portfile for, and others require reinplacing the Makefile to alter it  
just enough to conform how MacPorts will need it to be?

99% of the time, --prefix works fine, why would someone omit it, and  
assume that software wants to be in say /usr/local/bin?  There could  
be any number of other layouts the user wants to put things in, /opt/ 
local being just one.

memtestx is a branch of memtester, that is pay for software.  A very  
small fee.  I would like to release memtester as free software.  I  
feel a lot of people would benefit from it.  However, a lot of people  
are not going to want to install MacPorts just to get memtester.

If I use MacPorts to make a package installer, do I need to do so on  
each of 10.4, and 10.5 for PPC and Intel, and make 4 total binary  
files?  Is there any way to make a universal binary so I can only  
distribute one file?

Suggestions on how to deal with the man page would also be  
appreciated, as well as a standard to OS X location to store memtester  
in this scenario.  Is /Applications a bad spot of a command line  
binary in a case like this?

Thank you porters
Scott * If you contact me off list replace talklists@ with scott@ *

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