Uninstall not updating state file

Mike Alexander mta at umich.edu
Fri Jul 17 20:36:15 PDT 2009

Using macports from SVN version r53993, which is pretty much up to 
date, I get an error if I do

port uninstall foo
port install foo

where foo is any installed port.  The error is

Error: Target org.macports.activate returned: Registry error: foo 
x.y.z_w not registered as installed.

This correct, but irrelevant.  The problem is that the line "target: 
org.macports.install" is not being removed from the .macports.foo.state 
file by uninstall.  Did this ever work?  I think I remember it working 
at some time in the past, but I can't find any place in the macports 
source where it tries to remove that line, either in r53993 or r51337 
which is the last version I used much.  Does anyone have any idea where 
to look for the bug?

Mike Alexander           mta at umich.edu
Ann Arbor, MI            PGP key ID: BEA343A6

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