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Thu Jul 23 12:43:32 PDT 2009

Hello, I worked on the memtest port a while back.  I was talking with  
the author the other day and after he saw the port, he notices the  
livecheck option.

His concern was that of course, it downloads the entire page, and uses  
regex to parse out the important bits.  He was willing to create a  
current-version.txt file that he maintains, as he was worried about  

I see this as a semi valid concern.  But I also do not see it as a lot  
different than a user going to a Web site and manually checking the  
version in a browser.

What are fellow port developers opinions on this matter?  I am not  
aware of any scheduled and routine hits that live check is going to  
make, it is a on user demand feature.

If I have this incorrect, please let me know, as I do feel it is  
important to play nice to the developers of software for which ports  
are made.
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