startupitems and port load

Jeremy Lavergne jeremy at
Sun Sep 13 13:03:29 PDT 2009

>> Does `sudo port load ...` do a force load (`launchctl load -F ...`)  
>> or
>> does it write it out as runnable (`launchctl load -w ...`)?
> It's an alias for `launchctl load -w`. And note that this feature is
> broken in 1.8.0,
>> If it writes it out, is this the preferred way to run ports with
>> startupitems?
> `port load` has just been created as an easier alias to start and stop
> daemons installed through MacPorts. If you want other things (like -F)
> it is quite inflexible.

Since it is an alias for `load -w`, we should go through and clean up  
the message that says to run "launchctl load -w ..." once that bug is  
fixed.  The user really only needs to run `port load ...`

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