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Wed Sep 16 17:48:58 PDT 2009

>> Is this why NCursesW fails? At all related to Glib?
> Please file tickets about ports that fail to build. I know ncursesw
> builds fine. Not sure about glib2 - but given that we don't have
> (reproducible) build failures reported for glib2, I believe it's
> working in general.
> - Toby

NCursesW does NOT build universal on ppc.
Glib2's currently open ticket is # #20372

I reported ncursesw here -- 10 days ago to the maintainer, 8 days ago
with a solution to the list. It thinks it is doing cross compilation,
but the cross compilation fails because it doesn't trigger the cross
compilation test.

If you are on PPC, building universal for i386, then:
Nope, turns out it needs CFLAGS='-arch i386' CXXFLAGS='-arch i386'

To clarify: The old build was specifying the cross compiler flags
correctly, but was NOT specifying the build arch. Hence, the cross
compiler test did not come out correct, and the program does not

I have just opened ncursesw  Ticket #21434 (new defect)

Ncursesw thinks that if you can execute code produced by the compiler,
then you specified the local compiler, not the cross compiler. Not
sure how or if this will prevent x86 from compiling universal (does
Rosetta activate on unix executables, or just applications?)

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