Remove +with_default_names and use a specific path for unprefixed binaries

Mark A. Miller mark at
Thu Sep 17 17:59:24 PDT 2009

Since there hasn't been much discussion on this for a while, I'm bringing
this up again.
The relevant enhancement bug is

One of the thoughts was to use ${prefix}/libexec/gnubin for the unprefixed
binaries. Although commonly applications that put files in here, intend
these binaries to only be run by other binaries (A good example is HAL on
Linux, it installs many HAL wrapper scripts in /libexec). But I think that
there's no real reason to prevent putting gnubin (or whatever it ends up
being called) under libexec. It seems a good enough place, and people who
use this option to put unprefixed binaries here probably wouldn't have any
issue with its location.

Another thing that was brought up in the ticket is the idea that the scripts
should be modified if you want unprefixed binaries. This doesn't
particularly work well when you're dealing with large projects with giant
recursive makefiles. You want to spend time trying to find the real issues
with porting the software to MacOSX, rather than spend hours fighting
standard BSD/GNU differences like sed/et cetera. At least that's my


Mark A. Miller
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