[58213] trunk/dports/devel

Anders F Björklund afb at macports.org
Thu Sep 24 10:56:42 PDT 2009

Ryan Schmidt wrote:

> I imagine you want that post-destroot phase to be inside the ruby  
> variant.

Or something, now fixed in r58233.

> In the python variant, shouldn't we be using at least 2.6? I've  
> seen several commits lately moving ports off 2.5 and onto 2.6 so it  
> seems wrong to commit a new port using 2.5 now.

I'll leave the rest of the comments to the port maintainer,
but I guess it was using the other python25 primarly from
having the port submission stuck in the queue for so long ?
The Tcl variant wasn't finding TCLINC, so I just removed it...


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