livinded livinded at
Mon Apr 5 20:29:47 PDT 2010

I've been looking over the MPWA project for the GSoC and am interested in working on it. After checking out the code base and attempting to get it up and running to test out, I realized that it was written using Rail 1.x which is almost two major revisions behind. After a number of modifications I was able to get the code base running on 2.3.5 somewhat and was able to actually test it out.

Looking at the TODO list there in the subversion repo there really didn't seem like there was all that much, featurewise, to do other than add in user/role authorization, commenting, and minor changes to the view. Based on the current code base I see there being two major portions of this project, the first being to update the code base to use a newer version of rails, either 2.x or 3-beta, and secondly adding in new functionality. I know that the code base is fairly old and was wondering what else such as integration with Trac or other systems that MacPorts uses or other features that should be added into it?

Joe Rozner

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