Option for a "local mirror"?

Joshua Root jmr at macports.org
Wed Dec 22 21:28:35 PST 2010

On 2010-12-23 14:40 , Ryan Schmidt wrote:
> On Dec 22, 2010, at 20:41, Joshua Root wrote:
>> On 2010-12-23 11:20 , Marko Käning wrote:
>>> it would be cool if one could somehow specify a local mirror. Since I am using more than only one MacPorts installation for testing purposes I'd love to have the ability to have a local mirror which would be accessed by all my different MacPorts installations prior to accessing some remote server. Does such an configuration option already exist? If not, I guess, it would be a great feature, don't you think?
>> Are you aware of the MASTER_SITE_LOCAL environment variable?
> Nope, hadn't heard of it! Looks helpful, though I think my way is more flexible, as I can specify any number of local computers' URLs, and it downloads from whichever one is on and/or has the file.

You can put multiple URLs in MASTER_SITE_LOCAL (space separated).

>> Personally I just run squid.
> I've never looked into squid... How does that work / relate to serving distfiles, or how is it better than just having, say, apache running?

Squid is a caching proxy. Distfiles downloaded by macports are cached
like anything else. The only setup needed is to tell each machine to use
the proxy in System Preferences.

- Josh

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