running configure, build, and destroot phases twice in a single port?

Takeshi Enomoto takeshi at
Wed Feb 17 05:43:44 PST 2010

Hi, all,

>>> I'd like to revisit an old issue and see how the fftw-3 and
>>> fftw-3-single ports can be merged into a single port 

>> Can the single- and double-precision ports be made to install in a
>> non-conflicting manner?
> They already do.

I used to maintain fftw-3.
I would like to thank the current maintainer Adam.

emos, which I added recently,  have libraries for float and double.
I use post-destroot to build it for 64-bit real.
There are a few other Fortran libraries I hesitate to add to MacPorts
due to expected trouble with the point you made.
Old fortran programs use 'real' and rely upon compiler options.

Although I have never used it this reminds me of how we deal with universal builds
with the universal port group.

Could creating another port help any way?


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