Bradley Giesbrecht brad at
Thu Feb 25 10:48:20 PST 2010


The postfix port has no maintainer. I see the dovecot_sasl variant I  
submitted/requested made it into the macports postfix port.

I am upgrading my postfix to v2.7.0 but I don't like the way the  
current postfix port uses patch files. I've looked into
the postfix install process and I believe I have eliminated the need  
for the patch files by setting config vars and file permissions.

Since there is no maintainer I do not know who to carry on a  
conversation with regarding these changes. I'm afraid if
I just submit my patch I'll get no response or something like "please  
make only the changes necessary to get a build".

My reason for not liking patch files is it's a lot of extra work to  
verify the patches are valid for each version bump.

I think postfix used to require more patching but it looks like v2.7.0  
can be built with very alteration, mostly the sample config
and man path mods that are common in macports.

I guess my question is who should I be corresponding with to justify  
my changes?

// Brad

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