build mulitple downloads in one Portfile

Bradley Giesbrecht brad at
Fri Feb 26 16:30:19 PST 2010

On Feb 26, 2010, at 4:17 PM, Arno Hautala wrote:

> On Fri, Feb 26, 2010 at 18:40, Bradley Giesbrecht <brad at>  
> wrote:
>> I am working through the process of building and installing three  
>> different
>> source downloads in one Portfile.
> Is there a reason that this can't, or shouldn't, be accomplished with
> 3 separate portfiles and possibly a fourth that depends on all three?


1. dovecot
2. dovecot-sieve
3. dovecot-managesieve

Dovecot builds file by it's self.
Dovecot-sieve requires compiled dovecot source tree or (new) dovecot  
configured with the "--enable-header-install" option.
Dovecot-managesieve requires patching dovecot, compiled dovecot  
sources, compiled dovecot-sieve sources and there is
currently can not use the headers from the dovecot "--enable-header- 
install" configure option.

If the dovecot port were to apply the dovecot-sieve patch then I could  
build the other two by just downloading the sources and compiling them
and then do "--with-dovecot-../dovecot-{$dovecot_version}" and "--with- 
dovecot-sieve-../dovecot-sieve-{$sieve_version}" which I've already  

But all this extra work makes me want to just add sieve and manage- 
sieve to dovecot as variants or fork dovecot to dovecot-sieve and  
conflict it with
the dovecot port.

Dovecot version 2 is in beta and I believe this gets easier but I need  
a solution now and I know others that also will probably want what  
sieve has
to offer.

For instance, control in a roundcube plugin of server side sieve  

// Brad

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