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Jim Meyer jim at geekdaily.org
Wed Jan 6 16:04:37 PST 2010

On 1/6/10 3:48 PM, nox wrote:
> Now you've done it. You must tell us what that asterisk mean :D

My 68-year-old mother-in-law, Molly, loves to communicate and share; 
accordingly, she loves the internet and technology, though it frequently 
baffles her. For example, she's managed to lock up our Logitech remote 
more than once and couldn't explain how she got there.

The Mother-in-Law Test is simple: if Molly can figure out or easily 
learn to use it, it passes. Bonus points if she can explain how 
something broke for her.

Windows was massive FAIL. We bought her a Mac laptop to travel with and 
cut our phone support time by an order of magnitude. Total WIN.

I use this as a design rule all the time. =]


> Le 7 janv. 2010 à 00:46, Jim Meyer a écrit :
>> On 1/6/10 3:38 PM, Evan McClain wrote:
>>> On Thu, Jan 07, 2010 at 12:29:39AM +0100, paolo lulli wrote:
>>>> Hi there,
>>>> I think it could be a great thing if the mailing list could be setup
>>>> to prefix subject of the email with something like this one:
>>>> [MacPorts-Dev]
>>>> Eitherwise it is nearly impossible to distinguish between list
>>>> messages and personal ones.
>>>> I think it something easily accomplishable.
>> I used to be a subject tag fan, but I'd much rather use that real estate for real subject line these days. I don't object to short ones (<  5 chars), but more than that is kinda painful, IMhO.
>>> There is already a List-Id message header which can be used for
>>> filtering and identifying which list the email is from, but some email
>>> clients don't really let you see email headers or know how to deal with
>>> mailing lists. I guess that's why I'm still using mutt :P
>> Actually, almost all of them do, and many now let you set up mailing list filters or add custom headers to filter on. It doesn't yet pass my Mother-in-Law test*, but it should be within reach of anyone on this mailing list (again, IMhO).
>> --j
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