mysql5-server port - General Questions

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at
Thu Jan 7 19:25:46 PST 2010

On Jan 7, 2010, at 20:49, Scott Haneda wrote:

> Ryan, the below and your other comments, I will work on a machine in which I have some luxuries to do clean installs and wipe prefix at my leisure.  I will see what I can do to present a clean and clear update to the wiki.
> I think this should be in the wiki, just so you guys get the google love out of it, rather than in the port port-install messages, which will do no good to get any visibility in google, which is still a problem for MP's.
> I will start with MySql, and work my way through each of the ports, until we have sectional installs for AM and P, then see how I can logically chain those instructions together into the MAMP wiki pages.

Google searchability -- good observation. 

Some ports go a little overboard with how much info they print. Others like mysql probably print not enough information. I think it would be great if ports  that have setup instructions would either put them in a file and then just tell the user where that file is, or like you say put it on a wiki page and then just print the url to the wiki page. This would be cleaner than printing a bunch at post-install time which it's hard for a user to review after installation.

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