mkvtoolnix 5.1.0: special requirements

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Sun Dec 4 06:06:58 PST 2011

(As mentioned out-of-line to this list, port:gcc46 has become usable for mkvtoolnix c++11 needs. The rest of this effort is w.r.t. safe builds against boost.)

Testing shows mkvtoolnix is unstable when linked against boost using llvm-gcc-4.2. Various (not all) tool commands crash in a repeatable manner. Coincidentally another user was working the same problem on the boost IRC channel, and confirmed similar crashes with very simple executable usage doing there own custom builds (not with MacPorts).

After wrangling boost and mkvtoolnix build systems I have 2 new Portfiles which produce stable binaries:

port:mkvtoolnix-boost (does NOT conflict with port:boost)
- depends on port:gcc46
- builds in c++11 mode
- builds only libs required by mkvtoolnix-devel (compare 3 libraries to port:boost's 90 libraries)
- installs to PREFIX/private/mkvtoolnix
- does not conflict with port:boost

port:mkvtoolnix-devel (conflicts with port:mkvtoolnix)
- depends on port:gcc46
- depends on port:mkvtoolnix-boost
- builds in c++11 mode
- patches mkvtoolnix-5.1.0 to ensure mkvtoolnix-boost includes/libs are used before port:boost
- patches mkvtoolnix-5.1.0 autoconf macros to detect minimal boost tree with only dynamic libraries


- mkvtoolnix-boost: mkvtoolnix-boost/Portfile — Gist
- mkvtoolnix-devel: mkvtoolnix-devel/Portfile — Gist

(note I have not included the mkvtoolnix source patches as they're verbose due to ac macro upgrades).

Ryan, please review at your convenience. Any thoughts appreciated.


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