Merging rev-upgrade

Clemens Lang cal at
Mon Dec 12 06:49:44 PST 2011


I've been running my GSoC project rev-upgrade on my "productive"
MacPorts installation since I've finished it in August and haven't had
any problems with it, so I think it might be ready to be merged into

I have added documentation for it to man 1 port. Are there any other
places I'm expected to document it?

Feel free to test rev-upgrade by checking out my branch[1] and
installing it over your current MacPorts. I'm keeping the branch in sync
with trunk's base by regularly merging from trunk. Switching back from
rev-upgrade to trunk should work aswell, however, that has not been
tested. Opening the registry database with my branch for the first time
upgrades the database version and adds a couple of fields, so you might
want to keep a backup of your registry.db.

I'm planning on merging at the end of this week unless there are any
problems with it.

Clemens Lang
GSoC Student

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