reduce-algebra portfile

Mark Brethen mark.brethen at
Mon Dec 12 22:01:21 PST 2011

I finally got it to the build phase using:

pre-build {
	system -W ${worksrcpath}/psl "./ macintel64"

But the build phase never completed, and I checked the main.log was up to 40 gig so I killed it. The log file was too large to read and figure out what was going on. However, I found the section of the configure script (in /psl) that downloads the binaries from You mentioned patching the file, so where would you put this? The part of the configure script follows:

# Now I need to build a copy of the "xport" utility. You may view it as
# mildly eccentric to build this tool at configure time!

mkdir xport
cd xport
cd ..

{ $as_echo "$as_me:${as_lineno-$LINENO}: Will build this PSL using the $pslver initial binaries" >&5
$as_echo "$as_me: Will build this PSL using the $pslver initial binaries" >&6;}

# rm -rf psl
mkdir psl
cp -r $srcdir/psl-$pslver/* psl

# Now in my new world about the only thing that will have been copied here
# will be a file "xport.pat". This can then be used to arrange to fetch the
# relevant pre-build PSL binary files from a web-site ( where they
# are maintained, and is a scheme adopted here to make thePSL version
# available NOW while a full source release is still being worked on.

cd psl
{ $as_echo "$as_me:${as_lineno-$LINENO}: About to update PSL binaries from master web-site at ZIB" >&5
$as_echo "$as_me: About to update PSL binaries from master web-site at ZIB" >&6;}
../xport/xport -fetch
# xport.pat should really have "executable bpsl" in it, but in case it does
# not I will force executable status here...
chmod +x bpsl*
cd ..

On Dec 12, 2011, at 7:33 PM, Ryan Schmidt wrote:

> On Dec 12, 2011, at 19:16, Mark Brethen wrote:
>> A follow-up to my last post. I found a documented way to avoid downloading from ZIB Berlin:
>> Based on the PSL versions described above, one is able to produce REDUCE
>> versions for PSL which not rely on binaries from ZIB Berlin. After 
>> svn update               (or checkout)    and
>> ./configure --with-psl         one can use
>> cd psl 
>> ./            not stricly necessary, but we cannot discuss this here
>> ./         takes the local binaries and the Makefile form configure
>>                        to produce a REDUCE version. The names are the same as above,
>>                        Parameterisation as above too, a little trick is used to
>>                        find the Makefile.             
>>                        REDUCE can be started from ../pslbuild/<MACHINE>/redpsl
>>                        which can be copied to a more convenient place.
>> What would be the equivalent script line in the port file for the lines below "one can use" above?
> For example:
> pre-build {
> 	system -W ${worksrcpath}/psl "./"
> }
> What version of PSL will that use then?


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