Distfile mirroring exclusions

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at macports.org
Mon Dec 26 14:53:36 PST 2011

I would like to add some mirroring exclusions for some ports that aren't committed yet, whose distfiles we're not allowed to redistribute, but I don't quite understand how we're doing that.

I see we have these two scripts:



Both of the scripts define a list of ports to exclude, near the top. portfile_mirror.pl says to exclude molden:

my $EXCLUSIONS = ('molden');

mirror_macports.sh says to exclude molden and metis:


The first thing I don't understand is whether both of these scripts are still being used (if so, which is used when?) or if only one of them is still being used (if so, which one?). If we still use both, it would be nice if we didn't have to maintain the exclusion list in two places. If only one is used, we should delete the old one or somehow indicate that it is deprecated.

Looking on the main distfiles mirror, I see we do not have any distfiles there for molden, but we do have some for metis. If we're not supposed to be distributing metis, we need to fix the script(s) and delete these files from all mirrors. metis was added to the exclusion list in r84526 by Joshua but the commit message didn't give any details.

The ports for which I want to add exclusions are some Virtual Box extensions:



It would be most convenient to implement these as subports of the virtualbox port. I assume I can list the subport names in the exclusion list(s) of the above scripts and they will work correctly?

We do want to mirror the main virtualbox port, but not these subports, because their license does not allow it. This brings up the next question: would it be a good idea to enhance the script(s) to allow not just port name exclusions, but also license name exclusions?

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