Distfile mirroring exclusions

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at macports.org
Mon Dec 26 18:36:15 PST 2011

On Dec 26, 2011, at 20:02, William Siegrist wrote:

> Both scripts are used. The first runs periodically and the second runs after each commit. The exclusion lists are kept in sync manually on the server, but the scripts in the repo are just examples and not used to update the server copies. Right now, only molden is in the lists. If the servers should be excluding metis then someone needs to let me know. 

It would be nice if updating the scripts in the repository would update the server. That's how the web site and the guide work, so I think we probably assumed that's how these scripts work as well. (How does the buildbot / gathering distributable archives / checking if the license is valid stuff work? Does that auto-update, if I commit a new approved license name to port_binary_distributable.tcl?)

If there are any differences in these scripts on the server, can you commit that to the repository?

Looking at the scripts for the first time (or, if I saw them before, I forgot), there are some changes I would make, including adding darwin 11 to the list of fetched platforms, and making the whitespace consistent with MacPorts style (4-space indentation). If the exclusion lists are to continue to be maintained manually in both scripts, I would add a comment to both to that effect. I'm happy to make these changes, but if you have uncommitted changes on the server, I can wait.

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