KDE's application path

Nicolas Pavillon nicos_pavlov at users.sourceforge.net
Fri Feb 25 04:19:18 PST 2011

Thanks for the answer. 

> Yes, as Mac OS X is a multi-user system we cannot write to the home
> directory of the user as this would not make it work for all users.
> Is there no global equivalent of this preferences file?

It is true that this is a problem. However, this seems to be specific to the KDE Macports installation. In other platform (as for example 
Kubuntu), the preference files are installed under /usr/share/kde4/apps/kile/, and are thus general. 

> Poking around in the source code of Dolphin, it seems to use either
> KRun::runCommand() from krun.h or
> KFileItemActions::runPreferredApplications() from kfileitemactions.h. In
> both cases I haven't spotted anything special, so I guess the library
> providing these functions is doing the magic.
> In kile-devel there seems to be specific code for each tool. All I found
> is work/kile-2.1b5/src/data/kilestdtools.rc, where the command for each
> tool is listed. I have no idea where this ends up, but maybe it can be
> patched to use ${prefix}.
> Disclaimer:
> I don't have kdebase4 or kile-devel installed, I was only looking at the
> source.

Ok. I was in fact a little bit afraid that this would go up to source code instead of changing preference files, but your search seems to
indicate that patching this kilestdtools.rc (that I missed) could be a good start. It is indeed located in ${prefix}/share/apps/kile, and would
be general. 
I'll see what I can do with this and report the progress.

Thanks again, 

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