Using MPAB (was: archive_sites in Portfiles)

Joshua Root jmr at
Sun Jan 9 22:55:38 PST 2011

On 2011-1-10 17:29 , Jordan K. Hubbard wrote:
> Assuming that Bill already had everything up and running (and I know
> that there were some glitches with the last upgrade that still need to
> be resolved), what would be the setup instructions for configuring and
> running MBAP in the configuration you plan on running on the Forge?

Should be as simple as:

svn co
cd mpab
sudo ./mpab

This will build every port. In production, after the initial full run,
we'll use a post-commit hook to build individual ports.

Note that MPAB will not use a chroot on 10.6 because that makes
xcodebuild fail.

- Josh

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