MacPorts on Lion (common issues, fixes, and workarounds)

Jeremy Lavergne jeremy at
Wed Jul 20 10:12:05 PDT 2011

With regards to the upcoming use of LLVM: has anyone had issues with any
programs that use Cairo to print, which would involve output to PDF or PS?
I don't think it's a match with the ticket already open [1].

PSPP is having issues whenever pango/cairo are built with LLVM 2: the
problem goes away when building the dependency tree in Clang and GCC. This
brings up the question of what do we do if we need dependencies built

>From PSPP devs:
We suspect that it must not be a problem with the Quartz or X rendering,
whichever Cairo uses on Mac, because otherwise GTK+ programs wouldn't
work. Probably, fewer programs use Cairo to render to PDF, which is where
the problem is showing up for PSPP. The most likely case is when a program
uses Cairo to print, which would output to PDF or PostScript (both have
the problem).


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