Willing to work for you project(George)

George zhao raimann.zhao at gmail.com
Wed Mar 23 08:59:41 PDT 2011

Hi All,

This is George, and I am a computer science PhD student now. I intent
to work for your project during GSOC 2011, I am really interested in
two project ideas.

  *  Interactive port command
  *  Automatic testing

Please allow me to introduce some of my background and the reason why
I choose these two ideas here for your reference.

I have worked on two platforms for two companies(Huawei and SIEMENS),
before I was involved in the current PhD program.

In Huawei, I worked on a large scale telecom router platform, VxWorks
based, called VRP. I've participated in the implementation and test of
several application layer protocol modules in TCP/IP stack, like

In this router platform, the development language is C, and test
framework is wrote by TCL. And also I did some TCL automatic tesing
case development for the whole TCP/IP stack. This is why I choose the
Automatic testing idea.

Meanwhile, each of the modules mentioned above has its own cli
support, this explains why I choose the interactive port command idea.

In SIEMENS, I worked on a test platform for a device called RNC in the
WCDMA system, based on Catapult hardware and software framework.  Both
of them are developed by C programming language, and one C based
scripting language called DCPL.

Now I am trying the setup the basic development and test environment
in my own laptop, and will start to work on some patch soon.

Thanks again for your time!

Have a good day!

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