Aging of ports "replaced_by" others

Larry Gilbert l2g at
Tue Mar 29 14:57:40 PDT 2011

Another rookie question.

gst-python was replaced_by py25-gst-python in Sept. 2009 (see r58349). Then
its version number was changed and the replaced_by replaced by
py26-gst-python in Oct. 2010 (see r72394).

It's my understanding that a port that has been replaced_by for over a year
may be deleted from the repository. But what happens if it is edited again,
as in this case? Does that reset the clock, so to speak? Or is it still okay
to delete?

(What really throws me is that at the time of r72394, it seems like it was
already a candidate for deletion.)

Larry Gilbert (L2G)
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