Simplify sourceforge fetch group

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at
Sat May 21 06:29:55 PDT 2011

In the thread "fetching sources from sourceforge takes very long time" on macports-users a couple weeks ago, I proposed the following:

On May 11, 2011, at 06:44, Ryan Schmidt wrote:

> In the case of SourceForge, I wonder: why are we even bothering maintaining a list of mirror servers, when SourceForge itself does so, through their redirector? Why don't we reduce the entire sourceforge fetch group down to its first item: ? This might not solve the general problem of servers with low ping times not necessarily having high transfer speed, but it might at least help for SourceForge, assuming their redirector has a better algorithm.

I've been running my MacPorts with this change since then (10 days) and haven't noticed a problem, though I haven't paid much attention to whether is getting hit by my requests at all. (Usually the mirror has the lowest ping time.)

Any comments on whether we should make the above change official? Is there a downside I missed? Can other people test it and see if it works for them?

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