port mpkg and variants: failure

Blair Zajac blair at orcaware.com
Sat Dec 8 14:15:21 PST 2012

On 12/08/2012 01:58 PM, Jeremy Lavergne wrote:
>> We have a hundred users on MacBook Airs (so wireless only) that we plan on disting an initial 1 GB mpkg to using Munki [1].  I wrote a meta-Portfile with the below dependencies.  So anything to avoid re-sending a 1 GB to everybody would be nice ;)
> Sounds like you have all the functionality you need from Munki: it makes packages appear in Apple's Software Update? In that case, all the subpackages should also get checked by SU once they're installed--be it from the mpkg or individually.
> If not, this is how I'd manually do what you're after:
>   * make and update a pkg for each package
>   * make an mpkg and keep it updated (for new machines, replacements, full reinstalls)
>   * make an XML or CSV or some simple list to check installed versus available versions
>   * write a daemon to pull down and install whatever packages are needed when it checks

Munki has its own GUI tool that looks like SU and will ask the user if 
they want to install available software.  It does the steps that you stated.

My meta-Portfile installs 200 ports, so I don't want them all listed in 
Munki, just a single mpkg, it would drive our users nuts ;)


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