[MacPorts] #37364: ntfs-3g (error: C compiler cannot create executables)

Petri Kelottijärvi petri at kelotti.net
Thu Dec 27 09:10:09 PST 2012


I am unable to maintain this port ATM due to disk failure (no, non-port
related, it died mechanically) — anyone can go ahead as openmaintainer. I'd
rather not be the ticket owner, until that and certain other things are
sorted out, hopefully within a week or so.

Hope everyone is having a nice holiday time,

Den fredagen den 21:e december 2012 skrev MacPorts:

> Changes (by jmr@…):
>  * keywords:  ntfs-3d compile executables =>
>  * owner:  macports-tickets@… => petri@…
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