Portgroups Cmake + PythonXX

Vincent Habchi vince at macports.org
Fri Dec 28 02:08:18 PST 2012

Hi Ryan,

> Well the python portgroup is for making python module ports. It's not for adding +pythonXX variants to non-python ports.

I figured out that after having written my mail… :(

> If the gmsh build system allows this without too much trouble, the nicest option would be if you could create pyXX-gmsh subports which could use the python portgroup. Or a standalone py-gmsh port using the python portgroup and sharing gmsh's dist_subdir.

That would mean building gmsh without bindings and then build the bindings separately in the py-gmsh port. Why not? I’ll see if this is possible. That would mean linking with (an) already built library/ies…

> As for the conflict between the python and cmake portgroups, I'm guessing that's occurring because the python portgroup wants to turn off the configure phase, and the cmake portgroup wants to change the configure phase? Does simply adding "use_configure yes" work? If not, what problem are you seeing?

At this time, I have removed the PortGroup python… line, I’ll see if it builds fine.

Thanks for your help and your steady goodwill!

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