Accept to GSoC 2013

Eric A. Borisch eborisch at
Tue Apr 9 07:36:16 PDT 2013

On Tue, Apr 9, 2013 at 3:58 AM, Rainer Müller <raimue at> wrote:

> On 2013-04-08 21:16, Jeremy Lavergne wrote:
> > MacPorts has been accepted to GSoC 2013.
> >
> > Kudos to Clemens (cal), Rainer (raimue) and Lawrence (larryv) for their
> continued assistance and leadership this year.
> >
> > We're looking for additional mentors and ideas to help make this a
> success for students and MacPorts. Be sure to view our current listing:
> >
> This is great news after the rejection in last year's edition of GSoC.
> So if there is anything you always wanted to see in base, but never had
> time to implement yourself or don't know how to do so, just propose it!

Can we finally get some usage reporting (downloads from the packages site,
if nothing else) implemented so we know what ports are used
frequently/infrequently. This can help with pruning in the future (if a
package is broken, and no one is using it, perhaps it's time to cull.)

I think this was a former GSoC project that never got carried across the
finish line?

- Eric
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