fix libstdcxx to not use two different unwinders

Jack Howarth howarth at
Fri Apr 12 08:00:56 PDT 2013

   I have uploaded packaging on to eliminate the
eh crashes in libstdc++ caused by the current static linkage of libgcc_eh in libstdcxx.
Under faster c++ weak symbol coalescing introduced in darwin10, a static linkage of libgcc_eh
will result in the forbidden usage of two different unwinders. The crash in the
test case from exposed the problem. The
only fix available is to stop using the non-standard static linkage of libgcc for
libstdc++ but to instead add the libgcc*dylib files to the libstdcxx subport.
   The current Portfile.diff and skip-libffi-install.patch for the proposed gcc48
packaging update at eliminates the crash in the test case from

% g++-mp-4.8 -std=c++11
% ./a.out
doing the test
success, result is 1

I have also uploaded packaging for a gcc47 update that deprecates the libstdcxx subport
out of that package while adding the required changes to support the move of the
libgcc*dylib files into the libstdcxx subport. This involves simply replacing those files
in the gcc47 (as with the gcc48 package) with symlinks to their location in the
libstdcxx package at ${prefix}/lib. This package update is posted in the ticket at...

and also contains the required backport of the appropriate nanosleep c++11 fix from
gcc trunk. The same changes need to be applied to updates for the other older gcc4x

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