[104965] trunk/dports/sysutils/smart/Portfile

Anders F Björklund afb at macports.org
Sun Apr 21 00:44:59 PDT 2013

Ryan Schmidt wrote:

>> Modified: trunk/dports/sysutils/smart/Portfile
>> ===================================================================
>> --- trunk/dports/sysutils/smart/Portfile	2013-04-06 06:55:37 UTC (rev 104964)
>> +++ trunk/dports/sysutils/smart/Portfile	2013-04-06 09:37:39 UTC (rev 104965)
>> @@ -44,9 +44,9 @@
>> test.args-append	PYTHON="${prefix}/bin/python2.4"
>> variant rpm5 description "use rpm5, not rpm4" {
>> -	# uses RPM 5.0.3, instead of the default RPM 4.4.9
>> +	# uses RPM 5.2.1, instead of the default RPM 4.4.9
>> 	depends_lib-delete	lib:librpm:rpm port:python24
>> -	depends_lib-append	lib:librpm-5.0:rpm50 port:python25
>> +	depends_lib-append	lib:librpm-5.2:rpm52 port:python25
>> 	#depends_run		port:py25-gtk
>> 	build.args-delete	PYTHON="${prefix}/bin/python2.4"
>> 	build.args-append	PYTHON="${prefix}/bin/python2.5"
> This should be using port:-style dependencies, not lib:-style. lib:-style allows libraries installed outside of MacPorts to satisfy the dependency, and this is usually not desirable.

If you say so...

I can think that the bin/lib-style dependencies are quite useful sometimes,
and by giving up on them you require either duplicating already existing
system features or complicating license issues such as OpenSSL versus GPL.
Especially in the contrast to arbitrary "rule" exceptions, like cc or make.

But in this case it doesn't matter at all, since the port is outdated anyway
and the real dependency is on the python module and not on the shared library.
The only reason the modification was made was because someone else complained
about the default version of the rpm dependency*, which doesn't matter either.

* http://trac.macports.org/ticket/38457

I'll fix the port in the 1.4.1 version, but you really should clarify things...

Both with binary dependencies/packages in general, and for rpm in particular ?




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