[102552] trunk/dports/_resources/port1.0/group/active_variants-1.1.tcl

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at macports.org
Mon Feb 4 13:09:52 PST 2013

On Feb 4, 2013, at 15:04, Clemens Lang wrote:

> On Mon, Feb 04, 2013 at 02:51:44PM -0600, Ryan Schmidt wrote:
>>> pre-configure {
>>> 	_check_require_active_variants
>>> }
>> Shouldn't it be doing this in pre-build as well?
> It's already doing this in pre-configure, shouldn't that be enough? One
> could never run the build phase without running the configure phase and
> one could never change variants between configure and build.

A user could change the variants between configure and build.

Especially, a user might begin a build, then interrupt it, then later come back to it, after perhaps having changed other ports' variants.

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