[103366] trunk/dports/lang/chicken

Lawrence Velázquez larryv at macports.org
Sat Feb 23 22:01:12 PST 2013

On Feb 23, 2013, at 6:07 AM, Ryan Schmidt <ryandesign at macports.org> wrote:

>> +# Upstream explicitly requires GNU make.
>> +build.type	gnu
> build.type gnu is the default; see the Guide. You don't need to list it.

It's the default on darwin, but it doesn't look like that's true on all platforms. The default is whatever "make" is.


I guess it's a moot point, since the port currently only supports darwin. The README states that the makefile will *only* work with GNU make, so I just want to make sure.

>> +# Restrict universal variant to Tiger and Leopard because upstream only
>> +# supports i386/ppc universal binaries.
>> +if {${os.platform} == "darwin" && ${os.major} < 10} {
>> +    variant universal {}
>> }
> You're basing this on the default values of universal_archs in macports.conf on those OS versions; the user could have changed them. Instead I think you should set configure.universal_archs to i386 ppc; I've done that in some other ports. Or maybe set supported_archs i386 ppc if the universal variant is set.
> Why do they support x86_64 non-universal but not universal? Can the muniversal variant help alleviate whatever the universal issue is?

I'm not sure why they don't support i386 + x86_64; the makefiles are just not set up for it, and the README says that they only "support" ppc + i386. Maybe it's a legacy thing? I patched the OS X makefile to support any combination of ppc, i386, and x86_64 (r103386), and it seems to work just fine.


P.S. If anyone has a PowerMac G5, I'd appreciate if it you could contact me. I'd like to test something.

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