Abandoned ports (aida, iAIDA, clhep, geant4)

Mojca Miklavec mojca at macports.org
Tue Jul 2 08:31:17 PDT 2013


Christiano Fontana is the mantainer of several scientific ports (aida,
iAIDA, clhep, geant4) and graphics/unpaper, but I didn't manage to get
any response from him for months if not years. Geant4 has several
tickets that have been opened 3 years ago and he never responded to

A ticket for abandoned port for CLHEP has been filed 8 months ago:


I have two questions:
- May I take over CLHEP now?
- Perhaps it would make sense to remove maintainer from other ports as well?

It would be great to get some of Christian's insight when creating
updated Geant4 packages, but if he doesn't respond ...


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