[108122] trunk/dports/math/cadabra

Kasper Peeters kasper.peeters at phi-sci.com
Mon Jul 15 00:12:16 PDT 2013

> > The gcc-4.2 compiler shipped in Xcode 3 is not suitable?
> I'm not sure. The developer seems to be having issues sorting out
> libstdc++ and seems to find apple-gcc-4.2 to be the only usable
> compiler. I have my doubts.
> https://trac.macports.org/ticket/38938
> https://lists.macosforge.org/pipermail/macports-dev/2013-July/023300.html

That's right, though I certainly did not do an exhaustive analysis of
this problem (I don't run OS X). 

So in summary: it's not the compiler that's the problem (any gcc will
compile my code just fine), it's what they end up linking to that
matters. The only combination I managed to find that produced a binary
linked to only one version of libstdc++ was apple-gcc-4.2 (presumably
because the libraries that I depend on are linked to that, but again I
did not analyse this carefully).

I of course did some googling and have seen other people mention this
problem, but I didn't store the links, sorry. It may be something unique
to libstdc++ (it does some funky things with globals that other
libraries may not be doing).


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