[108122] trunk/dports/math/cadabra

Kasper Peeters kasper.peeters at phi-sci.com
Mon Jul 15 00:33:41 PDT 2013

> I believe the developer is confusing "gcc-4.2" with "gcc42".

I may very well have at some point (given they look, eh, kinda
similar ;-) ). I don't think that's the issue anymore. The issue is
definitely that if I do not restrict to Apple's gcc version 4.2 but
allow the Macports gcc version 4.2 as well, I end up with a binary
linked to two libstdc++ libraries (or at least that is what ldd shows
me), and associated malloc crashes. I seem to remember the same is true
for XCode gcc 4.2.

> I propose the port should continue to allow Xcode GCC, as it did
> before this change.

I have had users report that this leads to a crashing binary, but would
certainly like to have a second opinion on this. I think I tried this
as well, but am not absolutely sure.

> I can do some testing on earlier OS X in the coming days to see if it
> builds correctly with this.

I am not entirely sure this depends much on the version of OS X, but
yes please, if you can find the time to test this, that would be very
helpful. Thanks.

Right now, my main priority is to get this to work again, as the
current version in Macports certainly does not work and is just a bunch
of wasted bits.


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