Creating $prefix/bin/foo and at the same time

Jeremy Lavergne jeremy at
Tue Jul 16 11:31:41 PDT 2013

> So (for) now my only question remains: how can I play with this
> without the need to recompile the whole application each time when I
> make a tiny change in the Portfile?

If you're changing what gets installed then it should be given a revision bump; if not, then don't change the version or revision and it will not be rebuilt.

If you're referring to while you're developing the Portfile, MacPorts has a switch to override the default "clean on Portfile change":
     -o       honor state files even if the Portfile has been modified since
              (called -o because it used to mean "older")

Note that this Portfile change detection includes a hash of the Portfile (you can generate the hash using `openssl dgst -sha256 Portfile`), not just the timestamp.

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