[108366] trunk/dports/finance/litecoin/Portfile

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at macports.org
Sun Jul 21 08:38:35 PDT 2013

On Jul 21, 2013, at 09:14, MK-MacPorts at techno.ms wrote:

> On Jul 21, 2013, at 4:05 PM, Ryan Schmidt wrote:
>> What was the symptom before this revbump?
> The symptom was that litecoin-qt started with a crash due to change of some boost lib.
> I can't remember now what exactly was the cause, but I figured it would be better to revbump litecoin because of this.

Surely. Now I'm just worried that other boost-using ports need the same. :/ Since I don't know if all or just some such ports are affected, I guess we'll wait for tickets to come in.

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