Tool for automated cleaning of ${prefix}/var/distfiles

Vincent Habchi vince at
Mon Jul 22 12:47:31 PDT 2013

> This might be semantic points at the end of the day, but…

And here in Paris the day is really close to its end! :)

> You installed binaries, not source code, so only the installed files are uninstalled. That is, source code is only used for building. If you needed the source code before, you will need it again if you go to install that version again. Historically, source code is kept unless you ask for it to be cleaned because bandwidth was/is harder to come by than drive space.

Granted, but this is true only for the code corresponding to the current version of the Portfile, not outdated code, that cannot be re-installed anyway, since, as Ryan pointed out in a previous message following a bug of mine, the version counter cannot go back in time…


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