[108385] trunk/dports/gis/gdal/Portfile

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at macports.org
Mon Jul 22 13:08:14 PDT 2013

On Jul 22, 2013, at 14:51, Vincent Habchi wrote:

> Le 22 juil. 2013 à 21:41, Ryan Schmidt a écrit :
>> Hmm. I think we probably want all ports to respond correctly to configure.compiler, since the default differs by Xcode version, but of course we haven't audited all ports for compliance, and I'm sure several don't. But that would be something that could be fixed on a port by port basis as it's discovered.
> Well, I’m not sure it is feasible. Take, for example, py-scipy. It includes these lines (for the gcc45 variant):
> 	configure.compiler  macports-gcc-4.5
>>        destroot.env-append CC="${prefix}/bin/gcc-mp-4.5" \
>                            CXX="${prefix}/bin/g++-mp-4.5"
>        build.env-append    CC="${prefix}/bin/gcc-mp-4.5" \
>                            CXX="${prefix}/bin/g++-mp-4.5"

That seems to be ok. In that case, the maintainer wanted to have a variant to change the compiler, and the variant accomplishes that. There is a bunch of redundant code, of course, which it would be nice to consolidate.

> So in this case, a simple configure.compiler state variable does not seem to be enough. This is going to be real hard to fix.

To consolidate the redundant code, the gcc variants could be reduced to e.g.:

variant gcc45 {
    configure.compiler macports-gcc-4.5

And then later, it would do:

pre-build {
    build.env-append CC=${configure.cc} CXX=${configure.cxx}

pre-destroot {
    destroot.env-append CC=${configure.cc} CXX=${configure.cxx}

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