continued mactex support issues ... (dependencies)

Dan Ports dports at
Sat Oct 26 00:08:54 PDT 2013

On Fri, Oct 25, 2013 at 06:23:02PM +0000, John Owens wrote:
> To "enable" MacTeX within macports, I set "binpath" in macports.conf
> to /usr/texbin:/opt/local/bin:/opt/local/sbin:/bin:/sbin:/usr/bin:
> /usr/sbin (so prepend /usr/texbin to the default). That's historically
> worked well. (Is that in fact the right thing to do?)

Yes, this is the mostly-supported way to do it. (The parts where it
isn't supported are when things need to integrate with the TeX
installation beyond just running TeX, say if they want to install new
texmf files or link against TeX libraries)

It's also not always particularly well tested, so thanks for looking
into it!

> LaTeXiT has a nice "mactex" variant:
> variant mactex description "Use MacTeX instead of TeX Live" {
>     depends_run-delete    bin:pdftex:texlive-basic
> }

There are a bunch of things wrong here...

- the depends_run-delete line in the variant doesn't match the actual
  dependency, which is on texlive-latex not texlive-basic

- pdftex is provided by texlive-basic; the depends_run line probably
  ought to be bin:pdflatex:texlive-latex

- the use_configure line is misspelled (totally unrelated, and
  apparently moot since the portfile redefines the configure phase)

...but I don't think any of those would keep it from working, at least
not in the way you're seeing.

Same for latex2html, given the following:

> Second, latex2html has the following line:
> depends_run             bin:latex:texlive-latex

I'm assuming that you've already made sure latex is actually in your
binpath? It's possible, though unlikely, that the /usr/texbin symlinks
aren't set up. What does `port -d install latexit/latex2html` say about
whether the dependencies are available?


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